Hola and Welcome to After The Jump Business Coaching. Your Next Leap in Business.

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Greetings and welcome to After the Jump Business Coaching.

My name is Andy Wheaton and it’s my business, not just in Name because ATJ are my initials but also in presence as it will be me that will be helping take super ambitious business owners like yourself from where you are now to where you thought you would be when you started your business.

Now let’s be clear right from the start, no business owners set out to be getting by but that’s where 60% of Business owners find themselves every pay day of every month. But that’s brilliant when compared to the 20% of Business owners who are struggling each and every month dreading answering the phone because they don’t know who they can pay this week.

But Business doesn’t need to be about struggling or getting by, it can be about success and booking that trip to Disneyland next year, it can be about that remaining 20% of Business Owners who are living the life that they always believed their business could bring them.

Now I’m not going to sit here and preach to street wise Business Owners that get rich quick schemes are just a mouse click away but with the right motivation and the right guidance a number of Business owners could change their lives and the lives of their families within the next 18 months.

Modern Day Business is complicated, and the Modern Marketing of your business could be the most complicated part of part of your day. So complicated that you just can’t help leaving it until last or just don’t do it!

Be honest is this you? Here’s where a partnership wins!

Some much good comes in Partnerships, Laurel and Hardy, Ben and Jerries and Jobs and Wozniak, ok yes I did just highlight Comedy, ice cream and my iPad three of my favourite things but they all came together in a partnership and your business could benefit from one too.

So, do you feel bogged down in the weeds, caught up in the doing of your business, find yourself hiding in your emails, and not actually doing all the stuff you always thought as a business owner you would be doing.

Well then form a partnership, Form a partnership with someone who can help with understanding you, find a mentor who understands your business, Find a coach who can deliver the understanding that quick wins that can almost immediately boast your business, but also instils longer greater habits that can really move you forward.   A shoulder who can hold you to a goal and with you give you that chance to book that VIP trip to Disneyland…. Form a partnership with a coach, form a partnership with a mentor, form a partnership with me Andy from ATJ Business coaching my email is andy@atj-businesscoach.uk and let’s see some results.

But here’s the hidden bonus, because you will be doing things differently, that technician job will become more fun and who doesn’t want to work with a smile on their face.

Now I hope your still with me and well done if you are because in my next post I will outline what you can expect when we speak, Thanks so much for reading and I will see you shortly. Mail me if you have any questions.

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