90 minutes a Day, that’s all I needed

Now here’s a bit of a thought-provoking question. If you had to do something to make your business survive or it would fold you would do right? So Why are you not doing that One thing today and instead of your business surviving allowing it to flourish.

To put it another way What Busines are you actually in?

You make time for doing stuff in your business, I know I do! I find time to answer emails and do the do of my business and boom its 5pm and everyone’s heading to the door. but when through the day did you stop and work on and not in your business. I know we are all busy but actually stop the do and spend time working on your business and life

Really ambitious switched on Business people like your self (of course), take time every day away from the doing and spend 90 minutes of uninterrupted personal time when they can position themselves away from the doing of their Job and spend time shaping and thinking about the business they actually want. Thinking and shaping their business from where they are now to where they want to be.

One coach and mentor I know even has a sign on his office door, Do not Disturb unless the office is on fire, that’s how important his thinking and planning time is to him.

So how do I use my 90 minutes every day.  I work best after my morning walk so, I shut my office door and sit down, now here is the really clever bit I have already decided the night before what I am going to spend my 90 Minutes on , so with email and social media off I can sit and start immediately to use my time productively.

For example, I wrote this video among others in a 90-minute session. I will review my Social media postings, check the analytics on my Google ads or Google my Business, Design a Marketing Campaign and review the results or maybe just go back to basics and re implement a quick win like the 3 line email. In truth as long as the task is focused and has purpose it doesn’t matter how you develop your business within these 90 minute as long as it’s taking you one step closer to your business goals and dreams

At my most productive time of day I am doing my most productive tasks to better my business and my life. Once my 90-minute task is complete and not before I can go back to doing the day to day bits that many would consider work. And boy you can be sure I feel smug.