Bursary Help

I have Two Bursary Places available!

In light of the present pandemic and in the spirit of helping business succeed After The Jump Business coaching is offering a Bursary Position to two Businesses to help them get a flying start in their businesses.

One position is available to a brand-new start up and the other to a Young Entrepreneur under the age of 25.

Each Bursary position will receive the full level of EC commitment with the twice monthly meetings and all the help and support a standard client would receive

Two elements would be different, firstly the price will be initially reduced from £399 per month to £99 per month with the first month free and a one-off reduction in the set-up fee from £149 to £69.

Secondly, I must be satisfied that the Bursary is being used as it was designed and there is a full commitment from the Person, I have awarded the bursary’s too. I reserve the right through my sole choice to whom the bursary’s will be awarded.


Applications for the Bursary’s must be made in writing and supported by way of a business Plan and covering letter. It is acceptable to deliver this electronically but should be available within 72 hours of first contact.

Please send to andy@atj-businesscoaching.uk

I reserve the right to withdraw the offer of help at any time if I believe that they haven’t fully committed to the process and are only playing lip service. These beliefs could be in the form of missing meetings, not doing the 90 minutes or not carrying out the tasks set out in the system.

 In total the Bursary will last for 12 months from the time of start-up, with no commitment from either side to continue after the first anniversary, but if both parties agree to continue the price will revert to the full cost of £399 per month.

In all respects concerning the bursary my decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into, but no decisions will be made to leave the process if despite doing everything required the business still fails to deliver a sustainable profit. All business decisions ultimately are made by the business owner.