Google My Business, The hidden Social Media

Google my Business, you are doing this aren’t you?

You’re not?

You do know it’s free don’t you. Free Social media for your business on Google.

And you’re not doing it?

It’s Free!

Google my Business is that page on Google when you are looking for a business and a map comes up with the business shown on the map, or is it? Well yes, it is but it is also a lot more, of course it has all your admin bits like address, opening hours and phone number but did you know you can add video, pictures, a huge bio bit about yourself. It’s a tad like Instagram or Facebook but on Google.

Now help me here, who is the biggest search engine in the known universe? Could it be Google.

I think it could be.

So, the more you use Google my business, the higher the Google computer will place your details and the more visible you become and therefore more people find you. Funnily enough the more people that find you the sales you make, bingo win win.

So make getting on Google My Business the subject of your 90 minute session tomorrow