The System

What is a System?

A System is a regular and uniform way of achieving a goal time and time again, never wavering , never changing but in doing so achieving predictable, regular and uniform results.

That’s why Franchises are so successful, they have a system and a manner of doing work drilled down through countless repetitions. The results are expected and uniform.

Uniform and Regular

But who can say what is uniform, regular and expected on the merry go round that is the world of business. The best ever Facebook Advert in terms of pounds earnt for the Entrepreneurs Circle was a single stalk of Broccoli… Broccoli why it worked so well nobody knows, but it did.

But you must a have a system, some form of uniformity, some structure to give your Marketing purpose, some plan to hang your hat on. To return to when times are good and when times are bad. A structure to judge what is good and what is bad and a map to direct you once you decide.

But people buy people first and foremost they don’t buy a system, so for my next trick I will take this system and make it personal. Personality, feeling and emotion backed up with experience, expectations and structure form the greatest systems of all.


The system is only as good as the person within it, and thankfully for you, within the Entrepreneurs Marketing and Sales system its not just you. Your business, your drive , your goals but with our ideas, our thoughts and our system makes a winning team. A team that celebrates success in what ever form we achieve it but also isn’t afraid of a stern talking to too!

So be warned!