What we do Together

What Can Super Ambitious Business Owners Expect from Coaching?

What can you as a Super Ambitious Business owner expect from your personal coaching? Isn’t this such a pertinent question? And isn’t the answer so specific to you?

  Two coaching and Mentoring sessions are never the same but the system we will work to is and it is this system or framework of Principles that you can return to when things go as well as expected and when things don’t. This framework I’ve called the Rhythmic Acquisition of Clients.

So how does this Coaching all Work?

Firstly and the hardest thing to do is contact me, you can do that in three ways. Complete the Contact Form, email andy@atj-businesscoach.uk or Telephone 0044 (0) 7872613891.

After an initial call and no doubt 101 questions to see if this will be of benefit to you and for me to get a few back ground basics, We will schedule a meeting once a fortnight and these will be 45-60 minutes and held at the same time each fortnight so no excuses! I find scheduled meetings once a fortnight ideal because you are a business owner and we do have to concentrate on getting things done not just talking about them.

For the first month, if you need a weekly meeting to aide the forming of great habits or moving quick wins into place, I’m sure we can find space for a weekly 30 minute catch up.

Mostly meetings will be held over Zoom, so we spend less time talking and more time doing. I am quite capable of making a coffee and having it ready for our call, you don’t need to waste your precious time hosting me, although occasionally it would be great to meet up face to face it’s less important in this the New Normal.

Marketing = Creativity + Maths

The meetings will always revolve around two important factors, what are your Business numbers? and what Marketing are we doing? You will get a personal agenda sent to you the day before the call.

Firstly,  knowing your numbers arghhh! most business owners don’t track their Numbers, we will dig deep into the 12 key numbers your business needs to know, trust and understand and I will explain later, but surprise, Profit and Break Even might be among them.

Secondly, we will develop marketing ideas and habits starting at the basics and working our way through to total campaigns but always using the 12 Key Numbers to measure the results.

As we get Smarter and slicker at our meetings, I have found the length of the meetings shrinks to 30-45 minutes, fantastically giving you further implementation time.

Once we have the Rhythmic Acquisition of Clients set up we will take a step back review the numbers and repeat through Optimising and Maximising stages so your marketing becomes an asset in your business not just a thing to do because Andy said so.

Follow up

After each meeting I will send you another video highlighting the areas we discussed through the call, you will normally receive this later that day or within 24 hours at the latest of the call.

Depending on your individual business situation each circle of the system can take 12 to 18 months to fully implement. This time frame really depends on your drive and time to achieve your goals, plus a nod to where your business is at this moment in time.

What do you need to bring to the meeting? A sharp pencil and notebook and ambition and a desire to achieve. With these attributes in your back pocket and a system for the Rhythmic Acquisition of Clients, you too can be achieving the future you dream’t about when you started your business.